Quality Commercial Cleaning Services 

At the top of our list is the simple question ‘Is it clean?’. That might seem obvious, but we make sure you have useful key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide the answer. Support and service levels are tailormade to meet your requirements and to suit your business. 
We’re not afraid of technology and our up-to-the-minute software keeps track of where our teams are and when every day. Our Contract Managers take a walk around with your representative every month and record their findings. We review, monitor and analyse all this information so we can suggest improvements. 
We’re practical too, so you can leave us messages in our on-site logs. Our cleaners can also let you know if they notice any issues. 










Using a carefully selected partner, we provide a discreet, convenient and ethical pest control service. This is available as a standalone service or in addition to your regular cleaning contract. 


You don’t have to worry about consumable items such as hand soaps, office bin liners, waste sacks, toilet tissue, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets. We can give you competitive prices to suit your budgets and business needs. 

Day to day management 

We work on a personal level to provide both a proactive and reactive service. 
Our cleaners are trained to look out for issues that could cause incidents or accidents. Anything from a leak or a loose carpet to misplaced rubbish. 
They can reach their manager by telephone and via their snazzy app at any time. They can post queries, order cleaning stock and even request their annual leave. There’s always at least one Contract Manager on duty, so advice is always on hand whenever needed. 
With the information we collect and regularly review we can introduce improvements at the monthly meetings with our cleaning teams. Where needed, we’ll arrange support, additional training and guidance. 
We also provide Toolbox Talks when new equipment or materials are introduced. Our specialist cleaning services team provides your scheduled deep cleans and expert treatments. They have good working relationships with your on-site cleaners and provide excellent all-round support. 

An ethical employer 

We care about fair pay, workers’ rights and the environment. 
In the long term we want to bring about change across the cleaning services sector. These priorities are included in the standards we set for how we operate day to day. 
Real living wages. We focus on raising the standard of living for our workers and engaging with like-minded clients. 
Good working conditions. We engage with our employees individually to build work schedules to fit with their families and other commitments. We also provide opportunities to earn well and build a career with us. 
Pride in our work. We build strong relationships between our cleaners and managers to create a real sense of pride in our work. We provide support, encouragement and true job satisfaction. 

Integrity and consideration 

Delivering high standards with a team of valued and happy cleaners lies at the heart of what we do. 
We invest in our people through fair pay, employment rights, and excellent health & safety training. We promote a positive environment where everyone can learn and thrive. 
We provide regular training, on-going career development and regular performance reviews so our team always feels supported and motivated. 
Our ethical code of conduct includes policies on: 
equality & diversity 
recruitment & training 
paying the living wage 
modern day slavery 
child labour 
the environment 


We want you to feel confident you’re dealing with a genuine and credible company. 
We are proud of our accreditations and associations and have worked hard to meet their exacting requirements. 

National Carpet Cleaners Association 

The NCCA is the nationally recognised trade association dedicated to cleaning and maintenance of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings. Alchemy Commercial Cleaning Specialists are elected Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.  
See our NCCA membership certificate. 

Cleaning & Support Services Association 

CSSA members follow a Code of Practice to meet the highest standards of service and conduct. 
See our CSSA membership certificate. 

British Institute of Cleaning Science 

The BICSc raises standards of education and professionalism across the cleaning industry. It’s the largest independent, professional and education body in the sector. 


Ask us for details of our insurance. 


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